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A Journey of Self Belief

  A journey to the top of the hill As I was walking along the road to my goals, happily humming away to myself full of excitement about what I had set out to do. I met a man leaning against the front gate of his house and we passed the time of day. I Continue reading »

Leap of Faith

Recently I have been on holiday with the family. We went to  a holiday camp in Somerset near the beach, with plenty of activities for the kids. One of the activities we signed the boys up for was the “Leap of Faith”. They had to climb up a pole, pull themselves onto a platform, jump Continue reading »

What makes your heart sing?

What makes your heart sing? Do you know what makes your heart sing? It’s that beautiful feeling inside you deep down when you know that everything is alright with your world. Your feel it from your very depths and you just can’t stop smiling  You feel truly aligned with who you are, and you are Continue reading »


  What Inspires you?  Where does your inspiration come from? Is it from the latest celebrity overcoming fears and phobias to survive in the jungle? Is it from the stories you read of people going from zero to having all they want to have? Does it come from just the simple every day struggle you Continue reading »


I thought I would write this blog about procrastination and guess what I started to procrastinate about procrastination. Looking for the meaning of it. Looking for quotes about it to put in the blog. Then I caught myself – yes procrastinating. This is blog number 4 of the 6 I have committed to write before Continue reading »

I believe I can’t sing

“We learn our belief systems as very little children, and then we move through life creating experiences to match our beliefs. Look back in your own life and notice how often you have gone through the same experience.” – Louise L. Hay I believe I can’t sing ……. a belief that has been deep rooted Continue reading »

What If

What and If two very simple and innocent words harmless on their own. But when you put them together it can be like unleashing a storm and starting a chain reaction of endless “what if’s” where you can overthink and ruminate creating this and that scenario worrying about the outcome and stopping you from doing. Continue reading »

Facing your Fears

You have nothing to fear except fear itself I have been intending to write a blog for quite a long time but fear of doing this has always got in the way – what do I write about? Will it be interesting? Will people want to read it? Its funny how things fall in to Continue reading »

Free eBook download – Live Your Joy

Are you at a stage in your life thinking “what next?” Maybe you’ve raised children who no longer demand so much of your time and attention. Have you been in the same job for years feeling stuck between ‘been there’ and ‘now what’. D you want to have what everyone else has, but don’t know Continue reading »