A Journey of Self Belief

A journey to the top of the hill

As I was walking along the road to my goals, happily humming away to myself full of excitement about what I had set out to do. I met a man leaning against the front gate of his house and we passed the time of day.

I asked him his name and he said I’m Mr Non Starter, I asked what he was doing and he said ‘oh just watching the world go by’. I like to see everyone rushing past knowing that I am safe here by my gate nice and comfortable I may pull a few weeds later if I can be bothered’.

After a few minutes chatting I felt the urge to move on I could here this voice calling me ‘get moving come on  don’t stop now before you get going’. ‘I am waiting for you’. I looked over my shoulder and saw him just standing there and shook my head as I carried on to meet my destiny.

The road was long and I eventually came to a crossroads and here was a man looking down each path scratching his head walking back and forth. I asked him what was wrong. He shook his head and said he was confused and couldn’t work out which path to take. I chatted to him and asked his name he said he was Mr Square One. I asked if I could help him to decide and where was he intending to go?  He said he thought he was going to find his purpose whatever that is, but that it was too hard to decide what he wanted and where to go to find it. I think I will go back down the path I started from and maybe try again another time when I feel less confused, and if I wanted to I could walk back down the path with him.

I said no as I had places to go and the urge to move forward and get going  was calling me I felt sad for Mr Square One, thinking he had already started on his journey and he was giving up so soon.

Bends in the Road

The road was long and my journey full of twists and turns as I walked along to finding my purpose, my destiny it was time to find me and I felt excited and anxious at the same time. There was a voice in my head at every obstacle or block saying that’s it keep going  let me help and guide you.

I came to a particularly bendy part of the road and I had trouble seeing where I was going and got a little bit anxious as the road wasn’t clear. As I came around a bend, I saw a lady sitting on a rock and she was a little hot and bothered.

She looked worried and I  asked if she was feeling alright, she said it’s all too hard and I don’t know where this path is taking me it feels very uncomfortable.  I am not sure if I will carry on or take the easy path. It’s the path I know so yes that is what my mind is telling me to do. I will stay in the safe zone. I waved a cheery goodbye as I carried on my way and she shouted goodbye over her shoulder and said by the way I am Miss Comfort Zone.

I was beginning to wonder who else I would meet on this journey I had met Mr Non-Starter, Mr Square One and now Miss Comfort Zone all names that had a familiar ring in my head.  I felt as if I knew them all very well.

Time for a few minutes rest and a drink, got out my journal and wrote down some things and looked at my affirmations. Refreshed and  recharged with a good  dose of determination I carried on my walk looking over my shoulder to see Miss Comfort Zone in the distance wandering down the easy path and thinking to myself that it seemed such a long path to nowhere – there did not seem to be an end in sight for her.

I came across a lake a very beautiful place inviting and warm and so I decided to sit for a while and think about how far I had come and who I had met along the way and thinking about how much further I had to go, dreaming about my goals, feeling pleased with myself for not giving up.

I think I must have fallen asleep because when I woke I could see two little girls playing near me. I heard them calling to each other such funny names Limiting Belief and Self Sabotage they appeared to be twins.

Their words were so clear in my head – ‘you don’t deserve that’ ‘why should you have that and not me’. ‘There is not enough’ ‘I need your approval’ ‘why are you such a failure’ ‘I am stuck’.

Such words from two little girls carrying on the wind around me penetrating my mind. They sounded so familiar.

Then a much clearer stronger voice in my head drowning these words out ‘yes, you do deserve everything, you are here to be happy. You don’t need anyone’s permission and no you are not a failure. Look at how far you have come.

Come on it’s time to get moving not far now, don’t give up you are getting there.

The Last Hurdle

My excitement was building at being near to reaching my goal, almost there and then wham I arrived at the bottom of a very steep hill. I looked up and couldn’t see the top. It looked a big mountain to climb.

At the bottom three guys were walking round and around muttering to each other ‘maybe tomorrow’ or ‘we can come back another time’ I don’t think we are meant to climb this, it’s so high’.

Their names were Pro, Crasti and Nation and I must admit they looked as funny as their names. You don’t want to attempt that they said it looks exhausting and so steep you might fall down.

I stood and looked at the hill maybe a little bit of doubt coming in, but then I heard it the voice calling me,  stronger now, saying come on, come on up the view is amazing and you can see so clearly.

So I pulled my shoulders back said goodbye to Pro, Crasti and Nation and as they looked on with disbelief I climbed the hill one step at a time and the next one all the time seeing the hand beckoning me on encouraging me.

I got half way and stopped to catch my breath, thinking it will be much easier to turn around and go down.

But look how far you have come said the voice don’t give up, you can do this. You have beaten Mr Non-Starter and Mr Square One.

Be proud stepping out of your comfort zone, yes letting those uncomfortable feelings drop by the wayside. As for those twins Limiting Belief and Self Sabotage you showed them a thing or two. You can wave to Pro, Crasti and Nation from the top.

You can do it just a few more steps and then I began to realise there was something about the person at the top. I recognised their voice, that voice that had been with me every step of the way to the top of the hill.

I felt her energy, that force as it walked me around all of the challenges and obstacle not doing it for me but encouraging and beckoning me to take each step.

You made it she said,  lovely to see you.  Come sit and enjoy the view.


If the people I met along the way sound familiar to you and you would like to wave goodbye to them as you climb your hill, then lets have a call and we can start your  journey to finding your purpose. I am Marion Morley Soul Purpose Coach and Soul Plan Practioner.  https://yourlifesoulcoach.as.me/discoverycall