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marion-morley-2As your coach I will provide 100% commitment, support and belief in all that you want to achieve. My style is relaxed and encouraging, however I will challenge you to dig deep for the answers within you. You set the agenda, I am here to encourage, support and provide you with the tools you need to succeed.

Marion Morley
Your Life Soul Coach

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A testimonial from the mother of a young man I helped to get his mojo back

I have to thank Marion for more than the fact that she teased out of J what he wanted to do and gave him the tools – both emotional and practical – to get onto the road. I think that the most important thing is that she managed to take us out of an endless cycle where we were unable to communicate or affect each other’s views. I am sure that lots of mothers will recognise the way that he was impervious to my advice or my nagging and that I ‘had heard it all before’ from him. Marion became a new, clear voice to him – someone from outside who would listen, understand and suggest options. I am so grateful to her for opening his life up and giving him the confidence to succeed.

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