Facing your Fears

You have nothing to fear except fear itself

I have been intending to write a blog for quite a long time but fear of doing this has always got in the way – what do I write about? Will it be interesting? Will people want to read it?

Its funny how things fall in to place and synchronicity appears at every corner.  I have been reading a book by Mike Dooley called Leveraging the Universe. In the book he talks about facing your fears and how these are just limiting beliefs that you hold about yourself and how these can become your nemesis.

The fear of blogging was certainly mine. He explained that his fear became a sudden fear of flying even though he had flown many many times. On a particular bad flight with lots of turbulence his fears began.  What did he do?  The full story you can read in the book – but briefly he refused to dwell on the problem and he continued to fly. He didn’t put the fear out there by discussing it at every possible moment. He installed new beliefs about flying and focused on these new beliefs. He didn’t get over his fear overnight but he did.

The next bit of synchronicity for me was the the phrase “face your fears” coming into my mind when I slept and when I was meditating. I soon realised this was going to be the title of a blog if I had the courage to write it.

Then I pulled a card from my favourite oracle deck Denise Linn’s Gateway Oracle Deck. The card was ‘Igniting Courage’ the card said “move forward fearlessly. This is not the time to be timid or hold back. In spite of fear and hesitation take action anyway”. Okay Universe I am hearing you.

Facing my fear

So this is how I am sitting at my desk writing this blog facing my fear and wondering how I let this fear hold me back for so long. I started to wonder what other self limiting beliefs and fears I was allowing to hold me back and have decided that I am going to move forward fearlessly and live passionately and boldly.

How do I feel now I have faced this fear and actually written this blog – amazing, great, joyful that I have faced and conquered a big fear.  I hope you enjoy this short read as much as I have enjoyed writing it and connecting with you.

What fear do you need to face?

My warmest wishes to you and here’s to a bold and fearless future