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Turn the Key, Ignite the Spark and Power Up to Manifest the Life you are here to Live


Are you ready to ramp up your manifesting results, or  get off the start line into your ideal life?


Then join me for Ignite the Power of Manifesting Masterclass Wednesday 20 April 8:00 pm.


This masterclass will take you through 5 key steps that will move your manifesting to the next level.

Maybe you have been manifesting for a while and experienced inconsistent results.

Have you asked the Universe for what you want and then sat back and waited for it to appear?

Are you confused about all the information there is about manifesting and the Law of Attration?


Well you are in the right place. This Masterclass will give you the keys you need.

It doesn't matter what your starting point is, beginner or manifestor with some success, but would like it to be more consistent.

This masterclass will show you that you don't have to settle for what is - your life is waiting for you to live it.

It will:

  • Dispel  any myths and clear up confusion.
  • Guide you with the key steps to take each day.
  • Show you how to steer your dreams in the right direction.
  • Show you how to grow your manifesting muscles.


Yes - manifesting takes work and some commitment, but it is not hard work and just takes some focus each day.

You can achieve your dream with as little as 15 minutes a day of focusing on your dream - Yes just 15 minutes a day, and as the advert says 'You're worth it'.


You will learn 5 key steps and more

  • Learn how to be totally clear and specific about what you want.
  • Feeling into the emotion and excitement and activate the feel good factor.
  • Let go of attachment, limiting beliefs and blocks that hold you back from having your dream life.
  • Gratitude, and how the more you practice gratitude, the better your life becomes.
  • Learn the power of momentum, and the importance of taking action towards your goal every single day.
  • Set up an easy daily practice where you step into the joy of your dream life.

Ignite the Power of Manifesting Masterclass - Wednesday 20 April 8:00 pm

For just £33 you can learn how to ramp up the power of manifesitng your dream life

  • choose to do/have anything you want
  • feel confident, empowered and ready for anything to live the dream
  • Wake up each day full of excitement. and live with joy ease and flow.

My desire for you is that you create the life you want and, live the extraordinary life that is yours to live. Ignite the Power of Manifesting and have the keys to ignite the spark and power up the engine. to living life at full throttle.

Here is what you get

  • 5 key steps to show you how to successfully manifest everything you desire.
  • A workbook to help you through the steps and daily actions.
  • Release from blocks, limiting beliefs and resistance to your dream
  • Guided Meditation
  • Momentum - going from idling to full throttle

Join today for just £33

Payment Item: £33