What Inspires you? 

Where does your inspiration come from? Is it from the latest celebrity overcoming fears and phobias to survive in the jungle?

Is it from the stories you read of people going from zero to having all they want to have?

Does it come from just the simple every day struggle you see of people getting on with their lot. Getting through yet another day, with a smile, stoicism and determination that it will get better ?

Is it from the beauty around you, the places you travel to and those you meet on the way? Maybe its from the self help books, or stories you see on social media?

What has been my inspiration this year?

I woke up the other morning thinking about this person and how she has turned her life around in the last few years.  I don’t know why I woke up with her on my mind. But the thoughts of her made me smile, made my heart sing and feel really joyous at what she has achieved.

I am not going to name her, but if she reads this she will know who she is. 

No-one can truly know another’s story and I can only tell it from my point of view.

This lady has been in my life for a long time.  I have watched her grow from a small girl into a young woman, wife and mother  and now a happy confident woman living life on her terms. She has always been kind and caring, always helping where she could she is one of life’s givers.

A couple of years ago she took herself out of an unhappy marriage and by this I don’t mean to dismiss the years they had together and the 2 beautiful children she has. But it was time for her to start her journey to live her Soul Purpose. Time for her to live the life intended for her. She left her home and moved in with her mother and her son into a small flat whilst she started to get her life together.

She needed to create a new home for herself and her family, she had to find a job and a means to support them. All the time giving out to others and supporting them. Never a thought of why me?

Step by step, bit by bit she has changed her life. She has become more confident, more beautiful and yes I would say her light shines brightly from within her. She found a job and I would say it is more of a vocation for her in the local day centre where she has blossomed. They adore her and she is one of their Champions.  When I see pictures of her at work I can see how much this is what her purpose is and  why she is here.  To serve and spread joy and light, it just shines out of her, you never see her without her smile.

She has created a beautiful home for her family and for friends to visit.

When I look at what she has done over the last year with fund raising challenges, including a fire walk, I am astounded, But most of all I see someone who is living, yes living her life to to the max. Having fun with the people she loves and just spreading her infectious joy around. Truly an inspiration.

Following her Bliss

I don’t know if she had a plan or sat down and wrote a list of goals and intentions, or if she has just followed her bliss, but I can see that she has certainly over the last couple of years in my eyes been living her joy and it is infectious. I think this is why I woke up thinking about her with such a big smile on my face. She has certainly been my inspiration this year.

I don’t think for one minute that this has been as easy journey for her. There has been lots of soul searching and it hasn’t been all plain sailing, but she has kept steering her ship being true to herself and bringing herself back on course and adjusted her sails when she has needed to. Doing what makes her happy.

I went to her very special birthday party this year, and all I can say is she looked radiant and wearing the best two things she could to the party her confidence and her big beaming smile.

My darling you have been a true inspiration to me this year and I thank you for this from the bottom of my heart.


Finding what inspires you. 

If you look around you, everywhere there are so many ways to be inspired and to give you ideas and hopes for maybe a new better way to just be or even to get through the next day.

Sometimes we just need to be inspired or encouraged to take the next step on our journey of this wonderful thing we call life. ‘

Whatever that is for you then be inspired by it and at the same time let your beacon shine and be the inspiration for someone else.


Wishing you all a Very Happy Inspirational New Year 


Much love 

Marion x