I thought I would write this blog about procrastination and guess what I started to procrastinate about procrastination. Looking for the meaning of it. Looking for quotes about it to put in the blog. Then I caught myself – yes procrastinating.

This is blog number 4 of the 6 I have committed to write before the end of April. I have been thinking about subjects to write about, one subject was What is your passion? I even did a video blog on What is your passion, and then procrastinated about publishing it, letting my head get in the way.

Over the last few days this word has popped up everywhere I have looked, from live streams and posts on Facebook, things I have been listening to on You Tube and articles I have been reading. I even did a post called ‘Just do it’. I am always amazed at how things present themselves and with me it always seems to start with a word showing up on my horizon.

Why do I procrastinate?

Why do I procrastinate? Because I allow myself to overthink, I get in my head and then all of my fears start to come to the surface. I allow my mind to convince me that I can’t do it. Instead of just pushing all of this to the background and getting on with it.

Working through and coming out the other side of procrastination

But is it enough to say “feel the fear and do it anyway”? I don’t believe it is. If we do this we are just pushing the fears below the surface ready to pounce again when we next want to do something that is a bit scary or challenging, allowing all of the what if’s to resurface feeding the limiting belief of self-doubt (read my blog What If.)

Better to ask yourself  some questions, what are these limiting beliefs that are surfacing that say you can’t do this? What are the fears stopping you? Where do they come from?  Dig deep and  probe these feelings and fears within you. Continue to ask the question why and bring  to the surface the answers that will enable you to confront the feelings and see that they are just fears and not the truth of who you really are. These are beliefs that have been embodied in you by things you have been told as you have grown. Giving you a false perception if the amazing person you truly are.

Taking the first small step


For procrastinators like me the hardest part is getting started, putting away the distractions and excuses that you are using and just stepping into the fear. Asking what is the first thing I need to do to get started. What is my first small step?

I knew today was the day to get on and do it no more excuses. My first step was to  get onto my blog page and just type in the word procrastination. Then write a paragraph at a time. This has allowed me to get stuck into it and let my thoughts flow.

How do I feel? A deep sense of satisfaction and joy now that I have finished it.  I have sat down, worked on the task and completed it. I have gained control over the fear that was preventing me from doing this.


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