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Soul Transformation Core Issue Therapy (CIT)

What is Soul Transformation CIT (Core Issue Therapy)?

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Soul Transformation Core Issue Therapy is based around 22 Soul Plan Cards and  has proven not only to be an incredible way to identify what your core issue is, but also to provide an accurate diagnostic tool to determine the precise healing intervention to resolve it

The Soul Transformation session comprises eight stages and these are done in one session and will be approximately 60- 90 minutes depending on the issue and interventions that are recommended. You may need more than one session if there are several issues you wish to work through.

8 stage Soul Transformation Process

  1. Setting the Sacred Space.
  2. Soul Card Reading to determine the Separation Pattern
  3. The Core Issue Diagnostic
  4. Exploration of the Soul Story
  5. The Soul Re-Alignment Healing Intervention(s)
  6. The Forgiveness Integration Process
  7. The Soul Card Future Insights Reading
  8. The Integration and Grounding Process

The Soul Re-Alignment Healing Interventions available

  • Soul Retrieval
  • Odic Bonding
  • Soul Plan Trauma Release
  • Soul Plan Hologram Reading
  • Meeting your Soul Purpose Guide
  • Cord Balancing and Vow Breaking
  • Boundary Tapping and Infinity Rewiring
  • Archetypes and Shadow Exploration
  • The Forgiveness Integration Process


In a typical 60 minute session we would do one healing intervention and in 90 minutes 2 or 3 would be undertaken. The sessions can be done face to face or by Skype so you are not limited by location. Face to Face session are done in Kent.

60-90 minute Soul Card Transformation Session



Testimonial After the Session

I had a CIT session with Marion.  All I can say is ‘Wow!’  I have had a very traumatic year following a nervous breakdown.  Marion cut straight to the issue and carried out the healing intervention.  Over the last few days my anxiety has decreased to little more than a whimper and my mood has lifted higher and higher with each passing moment.  This is a very subtle but extremely powerful therapy.  I have tried many therapies but this has to be one of the best.

Thank you Marion

Julie Ann