We all have a money story that goes way back in time, back to our ancestors and is in our DNA

I am sure you have been told; 

Money doesn't grow on trees

You have to work hard to earn/have money 

We weren't meant to have money

A penny saved is a penny earned and so many more....


But it doesn't have to be like this, money is infinite and there is more that enough for everyone. 


Think about the money you would love to have.

Imagine what your life would be like when you have achieved this.

Imagine your abundant future, feel into the joy of being able to live a life full of joy and passion.

Where you can live rather than just exist. 


Money is energy, pure energy and it loves nothing more than to play a starring role in your story. 


This masterclass will dispell all the myths you have been holding onto about money and show you how to create a life of abundance, joy and passion.


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The Joy of Money Manifestation


In this masterclass you will: 

Identify your money story and where it stems from - so that you can break the patterns keeping you in lack.

Identify the limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck - so that you can rewrite and overcome them. 

Identify any money habits you have that lead you to making poor money decisions - so that you don't live with buyer remorse.

Get curious and inquisitive about your relationship with money - so that you can make money your new BFF and a frequent visitor to your home.

Create a new money story that is abundant, joyous and the best read you will ever have.



The Joy of Money Manifestation Masterclass Thursday 5th October 7:00 pm

Join me for this live masterclass where we’ll bust those money myths wide open, learn what cultivating a truly abundant mindset means and how you can manifest the life you crave, filled with abundance, joy, and freedom.  £47:00

Payment Item: £33