Are you living from pay day to pay day, consistently worrying that you won't make it through the month?

Fed up with money coming in through the front door just passing through and out the back door, not even stopping to say hello?

Are you fed up with the constant juggling of funds?

Are you ready to say enough and step off the money merry go round?

Are you ready to make money your new best friend?


Then this is for you

The Joy of Money 2 (1)
Joy 2

The Joy of Money a 4 week program to reprogram and shift your beliefs about money - from May 24th - June 21st


During this 4 week group coaching program you will:

Find your joy of money

Change how you think about money and attract money to you so that it hangs around 

Welcome and receive more money 

Renew your friendship and gain a new Best Friend Forever. 

I will share with you how I changed my beliefs about money. Created new money habits, and how I asked for and received more. 

The Joy of Money, changing habits, reframing beliefs and receiving more. May 24th - June 21st

4 x weekly group coaching sessions

Daily 15 Minutes to Prosperity

Healing meditations (during coaching call) 

Private Facebook Group 

Daily journal prompts 

The Joy of Money £77:00