Do you question your life’s purpose?

Soul Plan Reading is a powerful and accurate system of life purpose guidance and healing. It helps you discover your talents and overcome those life challenges that can be stopping you from achieving your true life purpose and aligning to your soul.

Your birth name has hidden within it the secret of your life’s blue print and the life’s journey your soul agreed and intended before you were born. Our soul plans decide the destiny and goals we will strive towards and the challenges we need to overcome.

A soul plan reading is a unique combination of spiritual and worldly challenges and talents we must embrace and work with to reach our soul destiny.

Your Soul Plan Reading.

  • Will explain your soul’s goals both worldly and spiritually
  • Give an understanding of the experiences your soul has chosen for this lifetime
  • An explanation of the challenges you are or have been facing
  • Discovery of the talents and characteristics latent or manifested within you.

Your Soul Plan Reading will give you.

  • A clearer sense of your life’s purpose
  • An understanding of your life so far and why you have had the experiences you have
  • Personal growth
  • Clarity about your life, your role in it and how to move forward to reach your soul destiny.

By Combining a Soul Plan reading with Life Coaching you will meet your life’s challenges head on and be who you are meant to be, achieve your life’s goals have the happy successful life you want and clear the path to your soul destiny.

Here is what Suzi from Ashford had to say about her reading;

Book your empowering Soul Plan Reading and clear the path to your destiny.

Readings are given over Zoom and recorded for you to keep.

Your Unique Soul Plan Reading £97:00