What makes your heart sing?

What makes your heart sing?

Do you know what makes your heart sing?

It’s that beautiful feeling inside you deep down when you know that everything is alright with your world. Your feel it from your very depths and you just can’t stop smiling  You feel truly aligned with who you are, and you are showing this. Shining your light out there for all to see. 

It is finding your Soul Purpose. Understanding what it is you are here to do and who you are here to be. The life you are intended to live. The truest best version of you ever.


Finding your true life purpose

It can be hard to find the reason we are here and many of us struggle. I don’t know of anyone who hasn’t at one time asked these questions, ‘What is my life all about’ and ‘How can I live the life I want to?

Our life plan or soul path was defined when we were born, a blueprint placed in our soul giving the directions for the life we are here to live. The coordinates for our life map are there, we just need to search for and find the clues to be on the right path, and let our soul show us the way.

With how we have developed and grown from childhood, and all the influences and the programming we are subjected to, it is no wonder that so many of us find it difficult to find and follow this plan for our life.

So how do you find your Soul Purpose and do what makes your heart sing? Here are some steps to help you.

Step 1 Listen to the whispers of your soul

Your soul is always calling you, it doesn’t use your mobile, text you or use social media. Your soul calls in whispers and the trick is to listen and hear them. It calls with those feelings that keep niggling at you until you pay attention to them . It can grab your attention by using what makes you scared. If you listen it will show you what it yearns for, it will give you excitement and enthusiasm and light you up with joy or even show what makes you fed up. It will use every means it can to make you hear its whispers. Sit quietly for a while listen and hear the whispers of your soul.

Step 2 Follow what lights you up

Follow what lights you up, follow the joy, follow the spark and find your fire. Your soul’s voice is always working with positive energy. Start by noticing all the things that bring you joy. Yes there are times when we can feel miserable and despondent and it can be difficult to see the light or find the joy. But look now, yes right now and find that spark that will bring the light of joy into your day and see how much brighter and lighter you feel. By following what lights you up, you switch on your inner light and allow your light to shine out into the world. Then you become in flow with the Universe and in alignment with who you truly are.

Step 3 Letting go

Let go of what doesn’t serve you. Let go of everything that drains you, any thoughts, beliefs, physical or mental clutter or even people. Notice when you are with someone do they drain your energy or does being with them light you up. Letting go can bring up some fear and that is understandable because we are wanting to keep with the status quo and stay in our comfort zone.

But when you let go of what you don’t need you make space for what/who your soul is seeking.

When you notice fears or limiting  beliefs coming up – question these. Sit with you journal ask and dig deep, where is this coming from and why? When did this belief or fear start? What can I do to change this? Often these all come from past experiences so digging deep and asking the questions will be incredibly rewarding as you go on this journey of discovery to find what makes your heart sing. Let go with love and gratitude for what this has brought you  Acknowledge that it no longer needed on your journey and then go forward with love and courage.



When you hear the whispers of your soul and follow your light your life becomes in alignment, and when this happens you are living the life you were born to live. A life that is fulfilled and happy, where you find the joy in each day. This is your life and only you can live it – so find your purpose, follow your light and let it shine out with love and courage and you will light up the world.



Much Love

Marion x