I help clients to discover their dream life and to live it fully and joyously, experiencing unlimited potenial. I do this through group and 1-1 programs as well as my famous manifesting challenges.


I came into manifesting a few years ago and have totally transformed my life by being a conscious deliberate manifestor and I share my methods with my clients who are also seeing great transformations,

I bring my energy, my joy for life, manifesting tools and support to help clients have the life they dream of. Helping them to turn it all around and taking them into the extraordinary life they are here to live.


Working with Soul Purpose Coaching so that clients can experience all they desire

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Marion L.C.H Dip

Your Life Soul Coach


My vision is to help clients to be who they are meant to be, strive to be the best they can, and to live the life they have always dreamed of.


As Your Life Soul Coach I will inspire, encourage and empower you to greatness.


  • Professionalism – Striving for excellence ensuring that every client will feel extremely satisfied by their coaching experience.

  • Empowerment – Empowering clients to live their lives to the full and achieving all they desire.

  • Truth and Integrity – working honestly with clients.

  • Partnership – working in partnership with my clients to achieve their goals

  • Confidentiality – At all times respecting the confidentiality of clients I will not divulge any information unless required to by law.