You have it within you to create an extraordinary life.

You know deep down it is there, you can feel it but it is just too hard to let it out.

Your life is one big constant round of doing for others, so how on earth can you even begin to think of doing for yourself?
You know what you need/want but not how to do and have it. You need clarity, the steps to illuminate the path and you need them now.

Oh I so hear you and know exactly how you are feeling.

You want to:

  • find the magic in your life
  • to have your dream
  • feel the fire in your soul
  • live with purpose and passion

Yes from time to time you see a glimpse of how this life could be, but it is fleeting and you want more:

  • more choice
  • more freedom
  • more magic
  • more fire
  • more YOU

Then you find yourself feeling even more stuck, frustrated and despairing.

Your Soul is Calling You

It is no accident that you have arrived here on this page – your soul has been calling out to you and The Universe is guiding you here to show you how you can live your life with Passion and Purpose.

The truth is we are all here to live the best possible life experiencing  joy, love, abundance, happiness and freedom and YES that includes YOU.
You have everything in you to create the extraordinary life that you soooooo want that at times it hurts.

What would it feel like to wake up each morning knowing that you have an amazing day ahead where everything flows with ease?

What if today you could

  • choose to do/have anything you wanted?
  • feel confident, empowered and ready for anything?
  • the day just flowed with ease and joy.

I know where you are at because this was me, constantly doing, doing for everyone else except me and yes I have to admit I wallowed in the despair of it all.
I told myself I couldn’t get out because if I did it would all fall apart, and they needed me, didn’t they?

Well NEWSFLASH it didn’t and they didn’t.

So as I began to live my life with Passion and Purpose and they began to find their feet and their passions. I became the empowered woman I was meant to be.

I want to show you how you can do this and allow your dreams to not only surface but to be realised.

Living with Purpose and Passion Group Coaching takes you from stuck, frustration and despair to having the magic, the freedom, the choice, the fire in your belly. The passion to live each and everyday feeling alive, excited and living the dream.

In 6 short weeks you will go from being at the beck and call of everyone to dancing to your own tune and being who you are meant to be: happier, free and full of life.

Firstly we will get total clarity and bring your dreams to the surface and see where you are being challenged. We will uncover your natural talents and dig deep into the inner you; looking at what your soul purpose and passions are.

Second on the list is self-belief getting you to believe in the magic of your life; losing the doubts and the fears, decluttering the mind and your physical environment, clearing the space to bring in the new. Building your confidence to trust your intuition and take inspired action each and everyday to bring your dreams into reality.
Releasing those old money stories that block the road to you receiving abundance.

Number 3 setting out your intentions and mapping the strategy.
Aligning your energy and your actions for maximum impact.
Giving you focus and momentum and so much more.

Here is what you get:

  • A Welcome Pack that includes a workbook so that you can start to get clarity and set your intentions for the work we are going to do;
  • 90 minutes intensive 1-1 via Zoom which includes a Soul Plan reading, getting clear on where you are right now, your challenges and natural talents. Setting the co-ordinates and mapping the journey to your dream life.
  • 4 group coaching sessions via Zoom to work through the coaching program where we will cover a different topic each week. You will get encouragement and support from the other members in the group as I find that when we work together like this our combined energies create even more magic.
  • Final 1-1 session reflecting and reviewing and setting a forward action plan.
  • Unlimited email access to me
  • Audio recordings of all the sessions
  • Focused action towards your dream
  • Accountability
  • Dedicated private Facebook group

Bonuses include:

  • Guided meditation
  • Overlay name reading where we look at the energy contained in your everyday name and how that helps you
  • Exercises and PDF guide on how to sucessfully manifest,

This is for you if you are ready to live your life with Passion and Purpose, manifest the dream and create an extraordinary life

Before we get started I want to make sure that this is truly for you and that you are ready and I am the right coach for you. I want to get to know you where you are now and what your biggest challenge is as well as your dream and what is stopping you from living it. You will also get a chance to see what it will be like to work with me and how it all fits together.

Lets begin the journey by getting you call booked