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Soul Plan for Business

What’s in a name you may say, but what draw’s you to the businesses you deal with, the restaurants or other companies you go to forBook your Business Name Workshop place services. Mostly it is the name that we are first attracted to. Then we begin to look at the reviews and the experiences of other users  and look more deeply into what they are providing and how it compares to other businesses offering the same or similar services.

But mostly it is what we feel about the name, the energy and messages it is sending out to our unconscious mind.

A Soul Plan for business offers the gift of choosing the right name whether it be for a new business, re-branding, launching a new product or service or even of you feel that your business just isn’t working for you and you can’t work out why.

It also works for websites, choosing domain names and even book titles

Ideally we are aiming for a successful business that will attract a constant stream of our ideal clients. We want to be truly aligned to who we are as business owners. The name we use in our business needs to relate and connect with our target market, sending out the right messages to draw them in to our services and products.


We are all energy and our business are energy. A Business Soul Plan Reading can determine the suitability of the energies contained in the  name to the type of business activity and how this overlays with the energies of the business owner. It helps to determine whether the chosen name supports your own birth name energies, as well and the name you are known as now in your everyday life.

It will help to determine whether the chosen name is helping to bring in abundance and success or exacerbating your challenges and making it harder for you.

Through a Soul Plan reading for business Marion can advise  on potential business, program or website names. Marion will look at the message your business name is putting out there and how much it aligns with you and your energies.

Within a business name reading we look at the energies of the foundations, abilities and potential success of the business.

Soul Plan for Business £150:00